We Refurbish, Recertify & Sell Used Machines

A more cost effective solution for die attach, wire bond and molding operations.

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Used Machine

Certified Used Machine

Purchasing used machines can be risky and a bit of a gamble. The last thing you need is to spend more time and money repairing machines that are essential for your production line.

We go beyond sourcing and refurbishing used machines. All our machines are certified and passed stringent OEM calibration specification. You can read more about our guarantee.

Semicon Package Assembly Machines

  • ASM - die attach, wire bond and automold

  • KnS - wire bond

  • Besi - die attach and wire bond

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Full Machine Restoration

If you have machines (ASM, KnS and Besi) that are hard down and not contributing to your bottom line, consider restoring them and prevent total loss. We can help you to perform full restoration of the machines.

We will disassembly into parts, restore and replace damaged parts, perform realignment, test, certify and handover. This will be done by our own qualified and experience machine experts.

You can rely on us to help recover your business-critical assets and get them up and running quickly and effectively.

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Guaranteed Peace Of Mind

For each machine, you will get:

  • Inspection report and all machines must pass OEM calibration specification.

  • Warranty against defects/malfunction of all parts.

  • Warranty against inferior machine performance.

Let Us Help You

If you are looking to add more capacity at lower cost, we have the solution. We can deliver refurbished machines that work like brand new but at much lower cost.

Let's schedule a time to discuss further.

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