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Approved by HRDF.

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New Machines

Machine Technical Training

We provide technical training on any machines of any level that you need help with. In fact, we are the first Malaysian company that obtains HRDF approval to conduct machine technical training. This also means that you can claim all the training fees from HRDF.

We can conduct the training on site or at our Mactronix Training Center. We are pretty flexible in that sense. Our goal is to help you grow your engineers and technicians.

Basic Training Programs

This programs are best for new and junior level engineers and technicians. They will be well equipped to perform simple troubleshooting and optimization.

80% of the issues in the production line can be solved using the skill and knowledge covered in these programs.

  • 1st Level: Basic Machine Operation

  • 2nd Level: Machine Maintenance

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Advanced Level

This program is suitable and recommended for Preventive Maintenance engineers, PM technicians and senior production technicians. This skill allows them to quickly troubleshoot more complex issues so that engineers can make better decisions.

Machine PM and Overhaul Training. We cover the following machines and brands:

  • Die attach - ASM, Besi

  • Wire bond - Besi, KnS

  • Automold - ASM

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Looking for specific training for your team?

We understand... not every one in your team is at the same level. We can customise our program according for a specific group of people. We would love to meet up with you and discuss how we can bring the best value to your team.

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