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New Projects

Partnering With The Right Company

We work together with our customers to deliver innovative solutions to solve specific challenge. The goal of the project can be to save cost, time and material or to increase productivity.

With our support, you will get:

  • Experienced technical team who have in-depth knowledge about the machines and your production process.

  • More time to focus on more important things. Leave the development and execution to us.

  • Follow up services to ensure that your new project is not just launched, but thrive to be one of the success stories in the company.

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Industry 4.0 Solution

Manufacturing plants around world are going through digital transformation as the only way to stay ahead of the competitions. This is not the future of manufacturing. It is already happening.

So, if you are still doing the same thing in the past 10-20 years, do consider our innovative solution that will increase the efficiency of your data processing and increase your productivity with attractive cost of ownership.

Here are some of the solutions for semiconductor industry

  • Over temperature recording

    No more using chart paper. When there is a problem, the system will trigger an alert in real time.

  • Machine running status

    The machine operation status will be stored and the system will calculate the OEE accurately.

  • Water temperature monitoring (Dicing/Singulation machine)

    Give alert when the temperature falls out of the limits. This is to ensure better sawing quality.

  • Grounding monitoring

    ESD compliant and control without depending on human checking. No more paper checklist.

  • Humidity level monitoring (storage cabinet)

    Ensure the level is without the range. Less N2 and CDA purging wastage.

  • Critical alarm triggering system

    This is to comply with the continental automotive requirements and to support obsoleted machines.

  • Receipt management system

    For better quality control and to support obsoleted machines.

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