We design, develop and supplyNew Machines & Tooling Parts

For trim & form, singulation, laser marking and precision molding operations.

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New Machines

Our Capabilities

  • Design high performance machines that are easy to use and compliant to International Standards.

  • Competitive price with shorter delivery lead time including machine components. We have a huge inventory so that you don't have to keep them.

  • Design new tooling parts or reverse engineer the ones that you have. You have some options that fit to your budget.

Trim Form & Singulation Machine

We design this machine with cost and productivity in mind. First, we reduce the need to stop and convert the machine. Less tools means less cost.

When the machine is able to handle high density leadframe, the output will increase tremendously without increasing the machine speed.

Machine specification:

  • Tool Full Open Height: 80mm
  • Tool Working Height: 25mm
  • M/Z to M/Z Output: max 200 SPM
  • M/Z to Tube Output: max 150 SPM
  • M/Z to Tray Output: max 100 SPM
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Laser Marking Machine

This is a fiber laser developed in Malaysia. It is fast and precise. It provides durable marking that does not wear over time, commonly used for 2D code and IC marking.

The machine is using shuttle type strip handling method, which is best for 100 x 300 mm leadframe products.

Machine specification:

  • Dimensions: 1,150(W) x 1,350(L) x 1,850(H) mm
  • Strip Handling: Shuttle type
  • Laser Type: 2-head Fiber Laser (30W)
  • Max Marking Field: 150 x 150 mm
  • Min. Character Size*: 0.27-0.3 mm
  • Marking Accuracy*: +/- 35 um
  • * Based on FOV of 35 x 35 mm
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Laser Marking Machine

Material Handling System

Need integration support? We help you to design and develop material handling system according to your package and machine specifications.

We will then integrate them with your existing machines in the production line. We specialise in:

  • Loader and Unloader

  • Machine Linkage and Conveyor

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Customised Machine

Leverage on our experience and technical know-how to design and build machines based on your requirements. We do this with the following concepts in mind. The machine has to:

  • Be cost effective

  • Match production output

  • Function without or with minimal conversion

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Precision Mold And Tooling Parts

We supply new mold chase for ASM, Towa and Yamaha machines.

We are using the latest EDM technology to fabricate the finest mold chase that is proven to reduce mold cleaning frequency by 30%.

  • Engineering capability: New design or Reverse engineer

  • EDM technology: S-EDM

  • Delivery lead time: 4 weeks

Pot & Plunger

We provide the good quality parts with a short lead time. This allows our customer to reduce their in-house inventory and more savings for them in the long run.

  • Cost: Lowest in town

  • Delivery lead time: 2 weeks

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