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Semiconductor Components

Get OEM Components For Major Brands

We supply OEM components for ASM, KnS, Besi and Disco machines. Some of the parts that we are supplying to customers are transducer, cap screw, e torch, encoder, cross roller, sensor, motor and etc.

Our Strength

  • Huge inventory in Malaysia - provides better customer support.

  • 15 - 20% cost saving compared to direct purchase from OEMs.

  • Shorter lead time so that you don't have to keep the inventory.

  • Wide network to source for obsoleted parts.

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Get Refurbished Components At Lower Costs

We offer refurbished used components to help you save more money. We test all the components before we ship them out to you. When you receive the components, you can plug in and get the machine up and running in the shortest time possible.

Hence, you can:

  • Save more money on fully tested and functioning components.

  • Reduce machine down time.

  • Keep less component inventory which means lower storage cost.

You can learn more about our repair services and quality assurance at Repair Centre.

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Want to buy components?

We continue to add parts to our already huge inventory. If the part that you are looking for is not available, we will try to source if for you through our wide network of partners and suppliers. We will do our best to ensure your production lines up and running for a low cost replacement.

Want to sell components?

If you have surplus or redundant components, we can help you to turn it into cash. You can reduce your storage costs and aging inventory by selling us your excess components. This is one solution to free up your storage space with little to no losses.

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