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Part number Description Image
02-81164 AB339 Transducer AB339 transducer
S02-83311 MMX138 Transducer Cable Assy MMX138 transducer cable
01-91842 AP Wire Clamp (A1 Plates) AP wire clamp
01-89742 Spark Generator SG-50 + Spart Generator SG-40 (bottom) spark generator
01-88502 Ringlight Assy 05-08 ringlight
01-86832 Temperature Control Assy (4 Channels) temperature control
02-40348-01 APS30U Rev III AC Servo Driver AC servo driver
53-00180 HDH LIF972W Angular Encoder 524064-01 angular encoder
53-00191 LIF 47R Top Outlet 519697-01 LIF 47R top outlet
53-00347 LIDA 47 Encoder Read Head 1UM LIDA 47 encoder read head
53-00401 Sensor Charge Amplifier 5030Q15 sensor charge amplifier
53-00076 Micro Mercury 2000 Sensor M2110H micro mercury 2000 sensor
24-40066 C.R.W. G3-125 with Special Cage c.r.w G3-125 with special cage